Low Vision Can Help Patients of All Ages

At Low Vision Doctors of Ohio, we help patients of all ages see better. Eight-year-old Rochelle’s vision has vastly improved with her new glasses, which is critical for learning and development.

Low Vision Macular Degeneration Patient

Because of her macular degeneration, Carol had a hard time reading her favorite books, the newspaper, and even her mail. Thanks to her new glasses, she can see much better and is already catching up on her reading list!

Low Vision Patient – Telescopic Glasses

“I never dreamed it would be like this!”

Sometimes, there are simply no words to describe the feeling of being able to see better. Watch the video to see her amazing reaction while wearing her new telescopic glasses for the first time.

Low Vision Patient – Reading Glasses

“I can read newspaper print that had sometimes been too small of font. … I’m looking forward to magazines because they are even smaller.”

The entire world of newspapers, magazines, and books is opened up once again, thanks to her new reading glasses!

This patient suffers from dry macular degeneration and is unable to read, drive, watch television or see her computer clearly. Dr. Rinkov fit her with a full diameter telescope for television with a Rx cap to place over her right eye for reading the computer. She was also fit with E scoop lenses with a yellow tint to reduce glare and to replace her former everyday glasses. These are custom lenses with a special curvature and thickness that enlarges objects slightly.

In addition, she was fit with bioptics for driving. These are like having binoculars on the top of her prescription lens so she can see signs, cars and people much clearer and sooner.


Patient Now Able to Read for First Time in Years

The patient suffers from macular degeneration in both eyes and was unable to see distance objects for years. Many doctors told the patient that nothing could be done for her condition. Watch this video to see what a difference Low Vision Doctors was able to make for this patient.

Bioptic lenses and E-scoop Glasses

The patient was unable to see for years due to wet macular degeneration and was told nothing could be done to help her condition. She wanted to see better at a distance and wanted to be able to read again. Dr. Rinkov prescribed her special reading glasses, bioptic lenses for distance tasks and special E scoop lenses to provide her better everyday vision with a yellow tint to reduce glare that was bothering her.

Full-Diameter Telescope Allows Patient to See Again

Before visiting Dr. Rinkov, the patient was diagnosed with macular degeneration in both eyes. The patient also had loss of vision in right eye and was unable to see well with his left eye at distance and near. To treat these conditions, Dr. Rinkov fit the patient with a full-diameter telescope for distance tasks with a removable magnification cap placed over the telescope for reading.

Custom Prismatic Magnifying Reading Glasses

These glasses magnify small print for this patient to read again.

E-scoop Glasses

This patient was struggling with macular degeneration. As a solution, Dr. Rinkov created lenses that use a prism to move the image the patient sees to a less degenerative part of the eye, have a tint to decrease glare and provide magnification of what is being seen.

One Lens, Full Diameter Telescope

Dr. Rinkov is able to provide extremely customized solutions for his patients. This patient only needed a customized lens for one eye. In an effort to reduce cost for his patient and improve her vision, he created only a lens for that eye. These glasses allow here to read and watch TV again.


This patient was struggling with Macular Degeneration. Dr. Rinkov created a pair of glasses with binoculars in the top of the lenses in order to make objects appear closer for his patient.

Full Diameter Telescopic Lenses

These glasses allow this patient to see distance and watch screens.

Margaret Russo

Low Vision Patient

“I can’t believe these glasses. I thought I was going to lose my license, but now I can still drive myself to the store and church.”

E-scoop Glasses Testimonial

“These E-scoop lenses are wonderful! I have not seen this clear in years!!! “

Low Vision Testimonial
Low Vision Testimonial

Telescopic Glasses Testimonial

“These telescopic glasses not only allow me to read signs from a farther distance, but make driving much easier. Definitely worth the cost.”